What We Do


Brass Antiques- Main Gates-Railings-Doors-Tables-Chairs, Casting items, Door Handles


Mild Steel Railings, Main Gates, Automotive Gates,  Doors,  Rolling Shutters, Steel Furniture


Aluminum Gates-Partitions-Doors-Windows-Office Cabins-Structure Glazing


Stainless Steel Railings-Stair Case Railings-Gates-Automotive Gates-Stainless Steel Main Gates


Glass Railings, Glass Doors, Glass Cabins, Glass Tables, Office Cabins, Glass structures


Steel Rebaring, Chemical Anchoring, Fastener Anchoring, Expansion Joint Concrete, Epoxy Flooring


Wardrobes, T.V. Cabinets, Sofa Sets, Dining Sets, Coffee Tables, Chairs, Almirah


Roofing Structure-Factory Roofing Shed-Structural Shed-Heavy Duty Building Structure

Welcome to Sun Craft

Sun Craft India’s most trusted company.

We are one of India’s top most leading manufactures on various products related to aluminium, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, wood and glass. Our manufacturing products are reliable and durable with a touch of innovative ideas. These new incorporations of the designs have made our company to always stay on a platform of satisfaction. Products are built with creativity and durability, both the features are kept in mind to give you the best from our side. The skilful impact on the products it gradually implies a grandeur impression to your residential and commercial complexes.

Décor your home with uniqueness!

Let us introduce you to the products that we deal with to give your space a lively gesture. You can find our services in


Brass made antique pieces such as candle stands, water glasses, dishes or plate, vases, railings, sofa sets, chairs, entrance or main gates.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel on best railings, canopy, steel made roofs, entrances gates, Window grills and many other products are available.


Products on quality railings, window grills, window frames, entrance gates, office cabin structure and various other products are available.

Mild Steel

Products are available on main entrances, rolling shutters, automotive gates and doors of top quality and style are available.


Products based on wood for kitchens, railings, windows, doors and various other products are available.

Create wonder to your space!

To make your space secured and decorative we provide you with the services and are manufacturers of the products wood, glass, mild steel structure, chemical engineering and mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. Residential or commercial decoration is the main intention of our company through the various classy traditional and modern items. Do you want to impose any of innovative ideas to your internal or external space? We can help you as customized products are also manufactured by our company. We are working for years on the decorative antique pieces, it is exclusive and unique. The creative ideas developed and imposed on the staircases, entrance gates and main gates will increase the lucrative feature. We try to add an extraordinary outlook to your space that will give a grand appearance throughout and a specialized effect on designs and metal together increases the showiness, it is possible through our skilled team of India’s most trusted company. We are well known to deliver the products maintaining the quality and you receive it in given frame of time. Trusted quality materials with durability, longevity and the tensile strength of the products make us the best manufacturer in India.


What our patients say about us

Metal made decorative items that are carved with beautiful designs. Brass made flower vases, plates have given a spark to my living room. September 4, 2015

Deepak Malhotra

Aluminium entrance gate with the designs have given a new elevated outlook to my space." April 16, 2017

Rohit Singh