Brass Handicrafts Products Manufacturers in Delhi

Brass as a metallic product for you!

One of the traditional decorative materials which are used today in modern interior or exterior designing to provide a classy appearance to your space which is gold like giving a shiny appearance. We are the manufacturer of the traditional metallic products as it is still in demand. The product which not only has a classy appearance but it is also durable.

Various products of brass for your space!

As the manufacturers and the services that we provide on the basis of the products are

Brass Products:
• Brass Railings:

Artistically curved with various designs on the railings and the eye-catching head rails made of brass make the staircase space look more exquisite. The product is one of the best and durable material that we use for railings. We are one of the brass railings manufacturer fabricators and home in Delhi.

Brass Furniture:

Provide your space with the layout of brass furniture Delhi. Brass made centre tables, chairs, beds and sofas are few types of furniture that we are the brass coffee tables, brass tables, manufacturer in Delhi with the exposed and creative designs embraced on the furniture.

Antique pieces:

Brass made antique pieces carved with various artistic flares. Best antique brass mirrors in Delhi, vases, clocks, door handles, vintages items for the home decors made of brass and several other items are available that will bring in a classic appearance to the room or your house. We are solid brass candle stands dealers in Delhi, the brass made antique pieces are durable with low maintenance.

• Décor items or items:

Brass items manufacturer Delhi are providing the home décor products. The products based on the wall hangs, flower vases, outstanding chandeliers are also available for your space in your home. We can also provide the best decorative brass mirrors in Delhi.

Main gates or entrance gates:

Shiny and golden appearance with the creative designs on the main gate is one of brass products manufacturers in Delhi. We are the suppliers of brass main gates New Delhi ensure you the product to be durable and more attractive to catch an eye of an outsider.

Customized products:

If you are thinking to buy anything else made of brass or you want to incorporate any of your ideas in any home décor, furniture or railing designs, we are the brass handicrafts suppliers in Delhi have the customizing facility for our clients.

• Why choose Brass made products from us?

Brass is an easy casting material that is used, it can be cast into any types or structure required increasing the hardness and softness of the product. Our skilled members work on the designs and casting of the metal into desired products. The brass metal is itself a high-quality product that we use to manufacture a strengthened and durable product to our client. We are also the brass crafts or handicrafts manufacturers and suppliers.

• Best quality products.

Our company always has the tendency to sell products of the topmost quality. This is the reason we use the durable and strengthened materials which will not only provide you with the designed product but has a longevity under low maintenance.

• Accurate price

We are the manufacturers of the brass made products and therefore can provide you with the products at a very low price which you may not find in the market apart from us. We work on the quality materials available at an affordable price.

• Careful handling

Though brass made products are metal made and no chances of breaking down, we still take no chances on the low packaging of the products. The products are packed in the card box filled with the thermo cols pieces.


What our patients say about us

Metal made decorative items that are carved with beautiful designs. Brass made flower vases, plates have given a spark to my living room. September 4, 2015

Deepak Malhotra

Aluminium entrance gate with the designs have given a new elevated outlook to my space." April 16, 2017

Rohit Singh