Privacy Policy


The information you provide us at Sun Craft, will only be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling our duty for you. We firmly commit to protect your personal data from being disclosed and/or violated. Sun Craft holds no right whatsoever, to use it any further for any other motive.


Information We Use:

Personally identifiable information maybe asked from our end, such as client’s email-address, name, telephone number etc. For security purposes, we take many crucial steps so that we can verify the data a particular client is providing. And we take every possible measure to prevent it from being hacked and/or disclosed by any means. Your personal information stays safe and secured at Sun Craft, and we are bound to not let it out. Our company shall protect it from being imitated or copied. Our clients shall be entitled to use all of the information, documents, materials and other items regarding the services being provided. Although, they shall not be allowed to use the aforementioned things for some commercial purpose.


Cookies –

We use Cookies to send data from our website that is further stored on the visitor’s computer by their browser while they’re browsing. Although, a user can always limit or prevent the placement of cookies on their device.


Disclosure of Information –

The data collected from your end shall be stored as securely as possible and Sun Craft is liable to take all the necessary measures to prevent internet fraud and hacking.



Terms and Conditions


Before continuing with your intent of employing our services, make sure you go through and agree with the terms and conditions mentioned below.

  1. Sun Craft provides services merely on the manufacture of turnkey products, and does not deal with daily basis projects. Any other problem or issues regarding the construction elements shall be discussed between the owner and Sun Craft. Once the quotes have been produced, Sun Craft let the client know about the duration of period after which they will get their promised product. Please keep in mind that all such dates are approximate, and Sun Craft cannot be held responsible if there is a delay due to any issues,


  1. The client should agree to the access of the property to Sun Craft and any other third party that is liable to providing services, throughout the duration of work.
  1. Since the services we provide can be subjective, we don’t entertain the option of refunds. However, we are liable to make further recommendations in genuine cases.
  1. Sun Craft is responsible for assigning third party suppliers and/or individuals to take over certain duties. For instance; plumbing work, electrical work, polishing work, civil work, fitting work and more.
  1. The client holds the right to cancel the contract anytime they want, upto five days after the day on which the contract has been concluded by Sun Craft.
  1. Once the cancellation period has ended and our services have began, the client cannot cancel the contract, whatever may be the consequences.
  1. The charges of the services provided by Sun Craft cannot be negotiated or changed by any means once the project work has been started. It shall then stay the same as communicated to the client by the company.
  1. Payments should be made by cash or cheque with a supporting guarantee card.
  2. Payments should be immediately done once the invoice has been sent to the client by Sun Craft.
  1. Any delay in the services due to natural conditions that can’t be controlled like bad weather, flood or fire, shall be neglected and Sun Craft is not to be blamed for the same.


Client Testimonials


  1. “Sun Craft helped us with brainstorming the furnishing ideas and the finishing, and everything in between. We are very happy we chose them, for there couldn’t have been a better choice. We are grateful to them for turning our living space into something that we receive daily

compliments on. Their service is highly recommended to whoever is searching for the right manufacturing company to create their dream space.”

  1. “At the beginning of our project, we were going all crazy searching for a good manufacturing company that will not only manufacture some great products for us, but also guide us along the way. We wanted an extraordinary vision for that, but all we got for some time were companies

that found the project cumbersome. Not much later, we were advised by a friend to let Sun Craft do the work. And today, I would advise everyone to go for Sun Craft, if you’re looking forward to

turning your dream into a beautiful reality. It was an amazing ride, working with them and i’m so happy and satisfied with the results.”

  1. “I took up their services for 2 of my recent projects, and it was indeed a great choice. The staff there is super-friendly and their work gave us exactly what we were trying to achieve.